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What does it feel like to use henbane?

Beyond being used topically for pain or other physical ailments, the effects of henbane can be described as grounding, calming, and trance-like when used in correct amounts (each product in the Henbane Collection has specific usage instructions).

Henbane can be used to facilitate ritual, ceremony, or meditation.
It can also aid in sleep as it creates a deep state of whole mind & body relaxation through its soporific properties.
The topical use of henbane is effective for easing physical pain caused by muscular spasm and/or soreness, and tendon or joint inflammation.

You can read more about why people use henbane (and other nightshades) despite their toxicity here, and through the Online Resources section.

The more you read into the use of the deadly nightshade plants, you'll come across information about flying ointments, or the witches ointment. The use of such ointments in antiquity was quite common (depending on the locale), often for the purposes of reaching soul flight or intense visionary experiences, which would involve hallucinations. 
Hearthstone Herbal's henbane products are not designed to provide an experience like this, and we cannot advise on how to use any of our products in this way.
Please follow the usage instructions provided with each unique henbane product, do your own research into the effects of black henbane, and monitor your body's response closely when using any of the henbane products.

To read more about the long history about henbane's use in medicine and spiritual practice, check out the Online Resources and Recommended Reading listed below. 



Henbane Safety

Each item in the shop containing henbane has unique and specific product use instructions, so please read those as well if you've purchased something from the Henbane Collection. 

All products containing henbane are toxic if ingested, and are only to be used topically (externally on the skin). Do not consume. Keep away from children and pets.


  • You are allergic to nightshade plants (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, etc.)

  • You are allergic to salicylates 

  • You are pregnant or breast feeding 

  • You have liver, kidney, or heart issues, or if you have glaucoma

  • You are using anticholinergic medications -speak with your health care professional before using products containing henbane if you are on medications or are unsure. 

  • Don't use for 2 weeks before undergoing surgery, and don't use for 1-2 weeks after surgery

Read this article on anticholinergics and how they function for more information on safety.

The possible undesirable and/or potentially dangerous side effects of henbane include sensations of serious drowsiness, mental confusion, slurred speech, blurred vision, fast or irregular heartbeat, dry mouth, breathing difficulty, increased body temperature with flushed skin and an inability to sweat, urine retention, and hallucinations. 
If you experience any of these symptoms, you've used too much and should immediately and thoroughly wash the ointment/oil/liniment off with soap, and water seek medical attention.